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F-One Presents Welcome on Board

Welcome on Board is the latest flick from the F-One crew. As they were in Tahiti shooting “TE TAINUI, SHARING THE OCEAN”, they also started the work on their latest SUP project, Welcome on Board.

The movie stars F-ONE Riders Patrice Chanzy, Manutea Monnier, Poenaiki Raioha, Aude Lionet CHANFOUR, Rémi Quique, Camille Salles, Marie SWITALA, Filippe Ferreira, Mitu Monteiro, Micka Fernandez, and of course Raphaël Salles and it showcases their skills as well as stunning pictures, gorgeous waves and a spectacular backdrop.

It seems that Tahiti has surpassed all of the F-ONE team's expectations. From the moment they landed, the riders have been enthralled by the sheer beauty of this island and the kindness of its people. As they say, this film will take your breath away.

Check it all out below and enjoy!