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Five Athletes Who Shaped Modern SUP

SUP is a fast growing water sports discipline. It hasn’t been around for a very long time, but it has been around enough to shape a SUP way of life. We have picked five stand up paddlers who managed to shape and inspire modern SUP through their efforts.

The first one is Dave Kalama. Hailing from California and living in Maui, he has been at the forefront of training and technique for the past ten years. And he has extensive experience in all forms of paddling. The second one is Robby Naish. Robby is a legend in water sports world. He is involved in this industry for over 40 years. Today, Naish is one of the largest water sports companies in the world and it is highly focused on SUP.

Angie Jackson is our third pick, as she is an inspiration for women all over the world. She and her husband started a shop on the Gold Coast when SUP first came to Australian beaches and today is still on top of the world rankings.

Our fourth pick is Laird Hamilton. He is the man behind to-in surfing and one of the background hero’s of the sport of SUP. Last but not least, we have Keahi De Aboitiz. His amazing style of stand up paddling has formed the basis of almost all competitive stand up paddle surfing today.

These are only five of the athletes who shaped modern SUP. Feel free to send us your pick so we can compile a bigger list.