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Five Reasons You Should Try SUP Yoga

Yoga on a stand up paddleboard has ceased to be a weird thing a while ago. It is now a rather popular discipline and gains more and more adepts each day. After all, it combines the pleasure of watersports with the benefits of yoga.

There are many reasons you should start SUP yoga. We’ll just count five of them, but we’re sure you can find many more.

SUP Yoga is a great workout, since you practice it on a rather unstable platform and you to engage your core more for better balance. At the same time the sensation of floating is alleviating and helps you better discard the stress accumulated in your body. Standing on a paddleboard a unique offers a unique perspective of both the water and the horizon, nurturing your soul. It provides just enough adrenaline to your workout to keep you focused and motivated and it’s also more calming. Last but not least, SUP Yoga is challenging and fun, keeps you motivated and reduces boredom.

Try it, and you won’t be sorry.