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Huge Fish Caught on SUP Board

SUP fishing becomes a more and more popular discipline and gathers more and more fans each season. SUP board manufacturers have started building special SUP fishing boards for some while and several SUP fishing contests are organized all over the world each year.

One of the biggest fishes ever caught on a SUP board is a sailfish and it was caught by a guy in Florida. His entire adventure was filmed, but the footage will be released later this year, in July, in an episode presented by Florida Sport Fishing TV.   

The guy who caught the huge fish on his SUP board shared a few thoughts about the entire adventure: "Sailfish are cherished on our coast and caught with catch-and-release tactics. People think this is completely staged and/or fake, but the joke is on them as I had a camera crew follow me throughout the day. We have the entire bite, fight and release on video without any boat assistance. Unfortunately, our second season of Florida Sport Fishing TV doesn’t air until July so all of the haters have to wait until then. People are really ignorant about what can be accomplished on a SUP…"