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Jamie Mitchell and Candice Appleby Win the Surftech Jay Moriarity Memorial Paddleboard Race

The Surftech Jay Moriarity Memorial Paddleboard Race gathered more than 100 standup and prone paddleboarders on the waters of Santa Cruz for an action packed competition. They raced on the 12 miles course to prove their skills and talent.

Up to 70 standup paddlers took part in the 12’6, 14’ and unlimited board classes on the long course race. They raced from Capitola Beach toward Steamer Lane around a buoy for nearly three hours. The 10X Molokai to Oahu champ Jamie Mitchell took the overall win, competing in the 14’ SUP board class. He finished the 12 mile race in 1:55:34. Matt Becker and Patrick Ohea finished in the second and third place.

In the women’s event, Candice Appleby took the overall win, although she finished fourth in the 12’6 SUP board class behind Benjamin Sarrazin, Keith Meter and Austin Young. She stated: “I’m really stoked to win the Jay Race. It’s an awesome race and great to be able to come to Santa Cruz to experience and be around all the people that love Jay and inspired him. Being part of the event is a blessing itself and a win is just the icing on the cake.”

It was a great event and we can’t wait to see it happening next year again.