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Joe Cerdas Joins SUP Gladiator

SUP Gladiator was established with the purpose to bring attention to the people and products that really take Stand Up Paddling to another level. On the SUP Gladiator you can purchase the SUP Gladiator Race Fins and the Larry Allison SUP Race fins. These fins are guaranteed to offer you the best ride, whether you are into big wave, flatwater racing, downwinders, channel crossing, river rapids runs or any other discipline. On the SUP Gladiator website you can also find reviews for other pieces of innovative SUP gear.

The latest member of the SUP Gladiator team is Joe Cerdas. Hailing from Galveston, Texas, Joe is a SUP racer and also an Open Water Lifeguard Supervisor and Peace Officer with the Galveston Island Beach Patrol. He is a complete waterman and has competed in renowned SUP challenges so far, winning important titles.

Joe rides the SUP Gladiator Race fins and he is impressed by their performance. He also appreciated what SUP Gladiator does for the entire SUP industry and that is why he decided to become part of their team: “SUP Gladiator race fins are my fins of choice because I can put one in and not worry about what water conditions I may paddle into.   After using these fins myself and feeling the performance, I asked to be part of the SUP Gladiator Team and was recently added to the team!  I would like to personally thank Casey Gotcher and Larry Allison not only for great fins, but for a great opportunity to be part of the SUP Gladiator team!”

The guys at SUP Gladiator are proud to have him aboard: “Today I am excited to announce the addition of our newest team rider, Joe Cerdas of Galveston Texas.  I don’t think anyone would argue that Joe is the best SUP Racer in Texas, but after seeing him in both BOPs last year, he clearly proved he belonged among the rest of the Elite Racers from all over the world.  I have personally raced against Joe a couple of times, and even I was surprised by how well he did.  I suspected he had it in him, but I thought it might take him a season to calibrate his training and racing to that level of competition.  Happily, he proved me wrong.  I am really stoked and excited he decided to join our team.  Some of that is because he is a great racer, and ambassador for our fins (in fact he approached us after racing on our fins for a while), but most of the reason we jumped on this opportunity is because of the person Joe is.  Simply put, Joe is a hero.”