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Justin Riney Joins BOTE Boards

BOTE Boards is a premier brand in SUP industry. They craft top quality gear, gear that makes you want to spend an as much possible time on water as possible. Well, the guys at BOTE Boards are proud to welcome Justin Riney of Riney Ranch as their Team Rider and Ambassador.

Justin Riney is the man behind the Expedition Florida 500 (XF500), an epic journey in which he paddled for 365 days cultivating a renewed respect for Florida's waterways and heritage. While navigating Florida’s coastline and exploring inland waters in celebration of Florida's 500th anniversary, Justin hosted cleanups, documented his experiences and won nearly 50 environmental awards for the awareness created, including SUP Magazine's 2013 "Top Expedition."

Here’s how BOTE and Justin came together, as Brittney DiLeo, Marketing Coordinator for BOTE says: “Justin came to us with a vision incorporating our boards which dynamically fit with his desired ventures and lifestyle. We as a brand were aligning our 2014 'Stand Apart' campaign, as BOTE stands apart in design, lifestyle and construction of our products; we strive for the best Ambassadors to represent us in similar fashion.”

Riney together with his new family at BOTE will also launch a new adventure series called Riney Ranch, developed to inspire the masses to pursue their own dreams and preserve the outdoors.