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Kai Lenny – The Jaws SUP Barrel Ride

Even he is still very young, Kai Lenny is already an icon of water sports. The 3x Stand Up World Tour champion has dedicated his life to the ocean and is a complete waterman. Kai is not only an accomplished rider that takes part in world class events all over the world, but it is also a very daring and determined adventurer.

Waves that would scare other riders are just challenges that need to be conquered for him. Earlier this year, Kai visited Jaws for some adrenaline packed SUP drives. And he managed to dominate a breath taking barrel like a true champ.

You can check it all out in the video below in which discusses his life-long love affair with Jaws and walks us through his recent mind-bending stand up paddle barrels there. You should also know that one of his waves from this session was nominated for the XXL Awards. It is the first time a stand up paddler has earned this coveted nomination.