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A Look at the 8th Corinth Canal SUP Crossing

407 Stand UP Paddlers crossed the Corinth Canal, for 8th years in row!!! Sunday October 7th 2018, was the big day for the most fascinating SUP event, the "World's Straightest SUP Race" The movie gives you a small idea of the Event, but in order to feel the experience you must be there next year!!!

The 8th Corinth Canal SUP Crossing took place earlier this month under the classic billing as, “World’s Straightest SUP Race.” They weren’t kidding either, the race takes paddlers on a straight shot down the Corinth Canal with not a single turn involved.

This simplistic approach resonated with the paddling community and over 400 turned out for the linear paddling competition. But don’t think for a moment that the lack of turns makes the race dull, as these highlights prove just the opposite.