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Mo Knows Waves

Yes, Mo Freitas is no stranger to waves, in fact no stranger to any type of wave. Hawaii’s all-round waterman is already considered an icon of Stand up Paddling, even if he’s still very young. He competes in world class challenges on a regular basis and won several important titles so far.

Mo ventures fearless on the monster barrels on the North Shore of Oahu, charges the Californian breaks, trains in harsh conditions and competes on the Standup World Tour. These are not easy tasks, but Mo loves SUP.

A short while ago, Mo decided to try some different types of waves, the man-made ones. So he went on a cool adventure at the Wadi Adventure Park Wave outside of Abu Dhabi. Wadi Adventure Park is a one of a kind facility and a watersports enthusiast’s dream. And Mo surely enjoyed his trip to the UAE and especially his visit to the Park, as you can see in the clip below.