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New Brand on the Market: Bluewave SUP

Bluewave SUP is a new SUP company, based in Devon, UK. From November 2015, Blu wave SUP changed to Bluewave SUP.

Nick Hepworth from Bluewave Kayaks and SUPs presents us with the details:

“Adding the ‘e’ to blu, means that Bluewave Leisure wholly own the new Bluewave SUP Company and gives us much more freedom and room for expansion in the future.

Due to certain production issues, we have decided to part company with our Canadian colleagues and move forward as a British company.

Bluewave SUP will still be producing top quality paddleboards in similar sizes and styles as before, with a few improvements, in both the hard board range and inflatables. We will be specialising in the surf sup boards as my knowledge and passion is in this area.”