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New SUP Boards Technology Implemented by BIC

The 2011 SUP board range from BIC Sports was a big hit. The boards were highly appreciated by riders all over the world due to their high performance and top quality. In 2012, the BIC Sports team takes performance and quality a step further by implementing a complete new technology in the design and development of the new boards.

Most of the 2012 BIC boards are manufactured exclusively by BIC Sport at its eco-friendly manufacturing facility in Europe. The 2012 SUP board line gathers 20 models, ranging from 9' to 12'6 and intends to cover the needs of all riders out there.

The boards will be crafted using specials new technologies. One of these technologies is called Advanced Composite Engineered Technology (ACE-TEC) and it is used to manufacture lighter and more durable boards for all round performance. Another technology is the Aerated Cellular Structure Technology (ACS), based on a rugged polyethylene shell plus a full polyurethane foam core, and used to manufacture boards for recreational rides.

The Custom Epoxy Technology (C-TEC) is used to craft boards for adventure paddling, fitness training, flatwater cruising and open-ocean riders. These boards are great for advanced riders and offer enhanced glide and stability. BIC will also manufacture Soft and Inflatable boards. These boards will feature the same shape as the ACE-TEC ones, but will be crafted using an epoxy and EVA structure.

The new SUP board line will be available very soon.