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Nocqua to Launch Paddle Craft Light System

NOCQUA Adventure Gear aims to change SUP and Paddle world by launching a special multi-purpose LED lighting system that will offer paddlers and other watersports enthusiasts the chance to experience their favorite sports in a whole new light.

This new multi-purpose, underwater LED lighting system can be attached to a SUP board, kayak or canoe and turns the craft into a flashlight in order to allow the riders explore the night scenery and have a unique experience.

The Nocqua LED lighting system is being launched during the Carolina Cup, which takes place at Wrightsville Beach from April 25-28 and it is one of East Coast’s largest SUP race. The LED light system will also be available for purchase. The RECON system includes two waterproof LED lighting tracks, an adjustable harness, a 12V lithium ion rechargeable battery pack and battery charger. The LED system is able to produce more than 2,000 lumens and it is extremely easy to set up.

Billy Rossini, inventor and co-founder of NOCQUA Adventure Gear, says: “NOCQUA Adventure Gear is a game changing product for paddlers. With the help of our advanced lighting system, paddlers can explore the water in an entirely new way. We’re very excited about what night paddling has to offer the world of watersports.”