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The Puma/Laird SUP Board Available for Purchase

The 2011-2012 PUMA Ocean Racing season started with Laird Hamilton riding on a custom, limited edition PUMA/Laird board. The board is not only highly efficient, but also extremely handsome. It is designed using a carbon fiber structure and features a Volvo Open 70 boat hull design similar to that of the Mar Mostro, the PUMA Ocean Racing yacht. The graphics on the board are also stunning.

The SUP enthusiasts will be able to see the PUMA/Laird board in action throughout the entire PUMA Ocean Racing which ends at Galway, Ireland, in July 2012. In May, at the VOR Miami stop of the PUMA Ocean Racing series, the participants can test the PUMA/Laird board for free. At this event all SUP fans can attend clinics, amateur races and guided tours and try this amazing board. They will also have the chance to meet Laird Hamilton.

The PUMA/Laird board is now available for purchase online. The board is shipped in a special eco friendly package instead of the classic plastic wrapping.