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Riding with the Orcas

Orcas are found in all oceans, from the frigid Arctic and Antarctic regions to tropical seas and they are also called killer whales, as they feed on fish, marine mammals or even other whales. They are not the friendliest type of whales a SUP rider could encounter out on the ocean.

But for Rich German, a skilled SUPer from Laguna Beach, meeting a friendly pod of 5 orcas on his ride was a dream came true. He truly enjoyed the ride and also captured the entire adventure on film.

Here’s what he says: “My dream of seeing Orcas (aka killer whales) recently came true. Watch as a friendly pod of 5 orcas interacts with me on my paddle board. This was filmed with my GoPro off the coast of Laguna Beach California last week. You'll see the whales come directly under my board twice. This was an amazing, magical afternoon.”

Enjoy the clip, as it is not something you’ll see every day!