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Roberto Ricci Presents the RRD Air SUP Board

We’ve already announced that equipment manufacturer RRD rolled out the Air inflatable board for SUP. This is a board that can be inflated up to 18 psi, thus ensuring it feels stiff and has a fluid drive. It is also a board that can be used by anyone, anywhere, in conditions that range from flat water to waves.

The news is that the official video in which Roberto Ricci himself presents the Air SUP inflatable board has been released to the public. In the video you can see Roberto and his family riding and having fun with the Air board. Click the image to the left in the related videos section below to view the video in question (click the image to the right to view a general presentation of the Air board).

“The Air SUP is an amazing SUP board. You can leave it in your car and you take it out when you’re close to the water. Use it for your family, kids and your friends, it is the perfect water toy,” says Roberto Ricci himself in the video.