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The SIC SUP Showreel

The guys at Sup Racer have put together a very cool video section on their website. It is called the SIC SUP Showreel and it grants you access to all of the awesome SUP videos they have posted on their website for the past couple of years. This cool section was developed with the support of SIC.

Go to their webpage, access the SIC SUP Showreel section and you can watch around 200 awesome clips, more than 25 hours of amazing edited and unedited footage. And they only post quality stuff so you are in for a treat.

A quick word from the guys at SUP Racer: “Over the past couple of years we’ve posted close to 200 of the finest SUP vids here on (187 to be exact), including some absolute classics. Everything from Battle of the Paddle carnage clips to race highlights from helicopters to downright dreamy downwind sequences. Yes. Dreamy […] Well now, thanks to the support of SIC, you can find all of these great stand up clips in the one place. We call it the “Showreel” and it features every SUP video we’ve ever posted here on”

To access the SIC SUP Showreel section on just follow this link.