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Speed SUP Sailing with Craig Spottiswood

Craig Spottiswood is the guy who wants to take speed sailing to a new dimension. While most windsurfers attempt to challenge and beat the windsurfing speed sailing records on formula boards, Craig has attempted this thing using a stand-up paddle board.

This is a huge challenge, since the SUP boards are bigger, heavier and more difficult to turn at full speed than formula windsurfing boards. And that is not the only problem.

Here’s what Craig Spottiswood says about Speed SUP Sailing: "I had the thought of giving my 12'6 SUP with 206 litres volume, a run at Sandy Point, Australia. It gave the other guys something to laugh about at as this huge board went flying down the run with its nose nearly a meter off the water and me hanging off the rear.

With plenty of experience wave sailing the SUP and getting it flying on the swells, I knew how to trim it OK for speed. On the flat water, at Sandy, I had to re-trim again with the higher speed generating lots of nose lift as I tried to find that sweet spot on the huge amount of tail rocker.

With no foot straps, you're all clear to spread out and try a few stances to compensate for the very forward mast foot position. With the wind angle a bit tight, it eventually took a huge gust followed by a big bear away into the channel chop to get a 34.43 peak and 2sec of 34.18. My 5×10 on the SUP was 31.9."

You can check Craig Spottiswood in action and find out how fast a 12'6" SUP powered by a windsurfing sail can go in the video below.