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Stand – The Power Teaser

Stand is an inspirational movie which presents an amazing journey through the waters of BC’s west coast. It showcases the story of an aboriginal high school class building their own stand-up paddleboards as a form of protest, the efforts of expedition stand-up paddler Norm Hann, as well as the story of west coast legendary surfer Raph Bruhwiler. The movie also draws attention on the possible damage an oil spill could do in the area and how it would affect the people and landscape.

The crew working on the Stand movie is currently raising funds through the popular crowd-sourcing platform IndieGoGo to complete the post-production process and bring this story into the mainstream consciousness. You can also be part of this amazing project. To get involved, please follow this link.

The movie is created by Anthony Bonello and Nicolas Teichrob and presented by Quiksilver Waterman. Until it is completed you can take a look at the teaser in the related videos section below. Enjoy!