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Starboard Presents the Stealth Fishing SUP

Designed especially for the SUP passionate fishermen, the Stealth Fishing SUP from Starboard is one of the best modern, mobile fishing crafts on the market today. The board is inspired by Jim Drake’s K15 hull for a fast and smooth glide and it’s built using AST Electric Technology.

Thanks to a long, streamlined hull with pointed nose, the board slices through the water, creating a smooth and silent glide without disturbing the fish. That’s why it’s stealthy. The wide hull with slight tray and ultra-wide tail offers a stable platform to ensure comfortable maneuverability.

The board is equipped with Scotty Mount inserts for attaching rod holders, fish finders or a fishing rack for stowing gear and it features bungees attached on the nose and tail for extra gear storage. It can be equipped with aftermarket accessories such as a special Cooler Box.

You can check out the 2016 Starboard Stealth Fishing features in the clip below.