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SUP Adventures in Europe with Mo Freitas

Among those who are, even fewer are fortunate enough to leave that island every year to go travel the world. Mo Freitas is that anomaly, and while he can thank his father Tony for the good fortune of growing up on the North Shore of Oahu, he must give himself some credit for the worldly travel exploits he enjoys.

Because though the Freitas family drives an RV instead of flying to save money on their trips, and though Tony likely does most of the driving while the boys snooze in the back, something has to give their clan enough reason to leave paradise for trips like, say, this whirlwind European SUP adventure.

That something is Mo’s incredible paddling talent, and as showcased in this video from the family’s latest trip to Europe, competing in the European SUP circuit is a worthy adventure for the Freitas family to get behind.