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SUP and Windsurf Under the Warm Maui Sun with Zane and Connor

Zane Schweitzer and Connor Baxter, two of the most spectacular and complete watermen on the planet, have spend a day enjoying the warm waves and sun rays of Maui. Joined by a few friends, the two of them started with a cool SUP session.

As the wind picked up, Zane Schweitzer switched the SUP board and paddle for a windsurfing board and sail. He just couldn’t help taking advantage of the consistent wind to perform some of his awesome moves. Connor Baxter couldn’t stay away from the windsurfing toys either. He joined Zane for some fun windsurfing action quickly.

Check them out as they have fun in the waves in the video below. It is not often that you can see Connor Baxter windsurfing, even if he has cool skills.