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SUP Distance World Record Set by Ben Friberg

The SUP Distance World Record has been set by Ben Friberg last month. He paddled 238 miles (383 Kilometers) on the Yukon River in Canada's Yukon Territory, in just 24 hours. His journey started on the 26th of June and ended on the 27th, during the long days around the Summer Solstice. The starting point was North end of Lake Laberge (3:07pm) and the ending point beyond the Ingersoll Islands.

Three GPS tracking devices monitored Ben Friberg’s progress along the mighty river. This was not an easy ride. Ben paddled around the clock, taking only small breaks to eat a snack and change the hydration packs. He managed to maintain a constant 10mph speed and complete the journey safely. His amazing ride will soon enter the Guinness World Records.

The adventure has been broadcasted live via, through a special spot tracker technology. A documentary film featuring this unique journey will follow soon.