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SUP Rider Rescues Teenage Girl from River Thames

River Thames might not be the perfect venue to enjoy a cool SUP session, but luckily Stand up paddler Adam Balls was there at the right time. While he was paddling with his friends along the river, he spotted a girl lying motionless in the water. He rushed towards the unconscious girl, pulled her onto his board and rushed to the shore.

The emergency services were alerted and the girl was transported by Ambulance to nearby Middlesex hospital. Thanks to Adam Balls and his passion for SUP, a tragedy was avoided. We are happy to see that SUP boards can prove to be good rescue crafts in times of emergency and that SUP riders Are ready to help people in distress out on the waves.

Asked about this incident, Adam Balls commented: "I just did what anybody would have done. I think if we hadn’t been there it could’ve been a much worse situation.”