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SUP in Venice

Venice is one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. It combines a deep cultural heritage with amazing city scenery. Venice is the perfect place to go for a romantic trip or to enlarge your cultural horizons, but it seems it is also a great place to enjoy a fantastic SUP ride while interacting with this historic place.

A group of SUP enthusiasts recently went on a trip through the canals of the flooded city and had the time of their life. Before they were SUP riders, they were gondoliers, but it seems that SUP is much more fun. We must admit that paddling on the board across the gondolas, on the Grand Canal of Venice must be an exhilarating experience.

One of the SUP enthusiasts is Eliana Argine, who helped organize the SURFIN' VENICE event and who tries to encourages people come to Venice and experience a new dimension of SUP surfing. She is a dedicated SUP surfer, but also a remarkable gondolier. Anyone who travels to Venice can get in touch with her and go on a SUP trip on the canals of Venice.

Eliana Argine about SUP in Venice: “I also row as a gondoliere and I would like you to join me in this unique experience: SUP & GONDOLA. I'd love to make the paddlers know that it is possible to come here, inside the water city of all, and experience this meeting of sea culture.”