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SUP Wheels Expands Distribution to New Markets

SUP Wheels makes Stand up Paddle Board transportation easy. As the guys at SUP wheels say, they did not invent SUP or the wheel, but they just simply put them together. They are dedicated to providing the best quality, innovative solutions for your water sports transportation needs. Using their transportation solution, you can carry your SUP, kite, windsurf or surf board way easier and without hassle and across all terrain.

SUP Wheels is an US based company, but has recently expanded its distribution channels in Europe and Japan. The company has signed a distribution agreement with two new international distributors, expanding SUP Wheels market to 10 countries. The SUP wheels transportation device is available in Europe through Display Sports from Italy and in Japan through Kazbo Surf and SUP. In addition to these two new countries SUP Wheels is currently available in the United States and 9 other countries including Mexico, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.