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SUP Yoga in Spectacular Places

SUP Yoga grows to be one of the most popular SUP disciplines. Practicing yoga on the SUP board can be more relaxing and rewarding than practicing it in the classic way. Some of the SUP Yoga enthusiasts even like to practice this discipline in quite unusual and interesting places.

For instance, a group of paddlers from Pau Hana Surf Supply decided to head up to Midway, Utah to enjoy a cool and relaxing SUP Yoga session inside the Homestead Crater. The Homestead Crater is a geothermal spring, created along thousands of years. At two miles below the surface, the earth’s interior heated the water resulted from the snow melted from Wasatch Mountains. As the water found its way back up, it formed the volcano-shaped limestone deposit which is now called Homestead Crater.

The Pau Hana Surf Supply team enjoyed this unique experience a lot and we must say that it represents quite an out of the ordinary experience. Practicing yoga on the SUP board inside a naturally heated crater is an experience that anyone should try at least once.

Check out the Pau Hana Surf Supply’s crew adventure in the photo gallery below.