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SUPConnect T-Shirts to Be Launched Soon is one of the leading web resources for SUP fans. The guys at do a great job in providing news, gear reviews, videos, interviews with prestigious athletes and much more SUP related content.  Back in 2011, the went beyond web content and launched a series of prototype SUPConnect T-Shirts. The shirts featured an amazing image from the Battle of the Paddle relay race and were extremely successful among SUP enthusiasts. The demand for these shirts was huge.

The guys at SUPConnect are ready to launch a new line of shirts that showcase the core meaning of SUP lifestyle and culture. The new 2012 SUPConnect T-Shirts are designed and crafted according to the highest quality and performance standards in water sports industry and will go into production soon.

The SUPConnect team says: “Wearing SUPconnect apparel will be more than just putting on clothing. It's designed to tell everyone around you that you, too, are SUP Connected, even to the greatest and highest-profile athletes in the world, and that you're proud to represent this life-changing sport and wonderful community of enthusiasts across the globe.”