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Surfing America Team Gathers Up for the 2012 ISA World Championships

The 2012 Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard World Championships will take place at Miraflores, Lima, Peru between the 20th and 25th of February. With the competition on its way, Surf America has gathered its team and has started training for this event. The Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard World Championships is the first event which gathers individual standup athletes together into a team event.

The 2012 Surfing America Team gathers Danny Ching and Matt Becker (Elite Race), Rob Rojas (Distance, Ching will race Distance too), Shane Skoggins (Traditional Prone Paddleboard, Rojas will also race in this division) and Colin McPhillips and Sean Poynter (Surf). Emmy Merrill will lead the Women’s surfing team, while Gillian Gibree will compete in the traditional paddleboard division and Brandi Baksic will compete in the Distance and Elite races. Surfing America Team will be coached by Ian Cairns (Surf) and Jimmy Terrell (Race).

The 2012 SUP World Championships hosts Battle of the Paddle-style races and surfing competitions, traditional paddleboard races and Long-distance racing. The winning team will be awarded the team world champion title.