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Suzie Cooney Goes on a Cool Maliko SUP Downwinder

Maui’s private fitness and healthy lifestyle specialist and a complete athlete, with an extensive experience in Surf, Windsurf, SUP and Kiteboarding, Suzie Cooney needs no introduction. She is one of the most complete water sports athletes in the world.

And since Maui is her home, she knows that it is famous for its downwind SUP run out of Maliko gulch ending 10 miles along the North shore to the harbor in Kahului. As she says, this is one of the happiest places on Earth for her.

And it’s the place where Suzie wants to send a big Aloha for her fans. She rode the Maliko SUP Downwinder a short while ago on her Naish Javelin and caught on tape the whole adventure. And you can check it all out in the clip below.