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Suzie Cooney Presents the Bobber

Elite athlete, water sports, fitness and yoga instructor Suzie Cooney needs no introduction. Maui’s Suzie is renowned all over the world. But perhaps you are not familiar with the fact that Suzie loves all gear, especially gadgets for her GoPro camera with which she shoots so many interesting videos.

She recently discovered a cool little gizmo, called The Bobber. Designed by GoPole, The Bobber is an innovative GoPro floating hand grip, designed to save your camera if dropped in the water. It works as a hand grip and floating device.

The Bobber floats sticking straight up out of the water and its bright yellow color makes it easy to spot and prevents your camera from sinking if dropped into the water. As Suzie says about this cool little gadget, “The name cracks me up, but hey it's cool and it floats! This is most important for hand offs or cruising down Maliko.”
You can check it all out in the video below.