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Suzie Cooney's Adventures in Maui

Suzie Cooney needs no introduction. She is a complete ocean athlete and one of the pioneers of SUP. As an avid waterwoman, fitness expert and sports model she dedicated her life to the ocean and has helped a large number of people learn the beauty and secrets of SUP.

Her latest clip, Stand Up Paddle Surfing On Maui, proves her unconditional love tor SUP and for the ocean, but also showcases her amazing skills as a rider. The video was shot on Maui’s North Shore this March with a GoPro strapped to the chest. The clip is really amazing, and it gives the audience the impression of being right on the head high waves.

Susi rides her favorite board the quad fin, ultra responsive 9 foot Hokua by Naish and a fully adjustable full carbon Kaholo paddle. What she does out on the waves is more than SUP surfing, it is pure magic. You can check it all out in the related videos section below.