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Tahiti Girl Power with Annabel Anderson

Annabel Anderson needs no further introduction. She is a true waterwoman and dominates the world of SUP. She is a determined and skilled rider and she was crowned World Champion at the Stand Up World Series Finals at Turtle Bay Resort, Hawaii. She also is the Battle of the Paddle champ and she is currently the fastest woman in the world of SUP.

In the past few weeks, Annabel spent her time in the sunny and beautiful Kiwi, Tahiti, training for the upcoming challenges, but also encouraging the local girls to get right into SUP. Kiwi, her home spot is one of the best water sports places on Earth and a perfect SUP destination, as Annabel herself says: “When the world wakes up and realizes that paddling is the national sport in Tahiti, there may be some upset pros! Yes, they are that good and there are plenty of them! This place is pretty much perfection.”

Her training sessions alongside the local girls and ladies were caught on tape and you can check it all out in the Tahiti Girl Power clip available below. It is packed with action and fun.