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Travis Grant and Terrene Black Are the 2013 Molokai 2 Oahu Champs

The 17th annual M2O (Molokai 2 Oahu) Paddleboard World Championships took place this Sunday in the beautiful Hawaii and gathered the elite of SUP world. Riders like Connor Baxter, Kai Lenny, Danny Ching, Scott Gamble, Travis Grant, Jenny Kalmbach, Terrene Black, Andrea Moller, Sonni Honscheid and others gathered to showcase their amazing skills, battle for the titles and stage an incredible show for the SUP fans.

Although the wind was not perfect and it never really picked up, the riders did their best to keep the challenge at an elite level. They ended up stroking out a relatively slow and cumbersome 32 mile grind, but still managed to perform great.

In the end, Travis Grant and Terrene Black proved to be the most determined riders in the men’s and respectively women’s divisions and claimed the first places. Grant finished the race in 4:50:17. It was rather slow compared with Connor Baxter’s 4:13:26 result achieved last year, but it was a win. Terrene Black completed the women's race in 5:40:40, also a slow time compared to the record of 4:55:02 set by Talia Gangini-Decoite back in 2012.

Despite the lack of wind, the Molokai 2 Oahu race was an epic challenge that put the rider’s skill and endurance to the test and offered spectators a great show.