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We Love SUP Because…

SUP is one of the fastest growing sports today and attracts thousands of new fans each season. Have you ever wondered why this sport is so popular? Well, the guys at SUP Connect came up with 10 reasons to explain the popularity of SUP. This sport is so popular because:

1. You can have tons of fun under the sun. You can spend hours on the water paddling and keeping your body in shape while also relaxing.
2. You can do it almost everywhere. You can paddle along the coast, on lakes and lagoons, on river streams and rapids and even in pools.
3. There are plenty of styles to enjoy. You can enjoy flat water, whitewater and ocean SUP sessions without hassle. There are also yoga, race, surf and river run styles.
4. You get to travel a lot. There are many great SUP spots to visit. Don’t miss any.
5. It is a low impact sport. SUP will keep you in shape without much effort and fuss. It offers a low impact cardio workout which translates into a healthy lifestyle.
6. You can take it to any level. You can enjoy a relaxing, casual session or take part in huge competitions. It is all up to you and how you progress.
7. No age restriction. Have you seen 5 years old or 75 years old people enjoying a SUP session? We have.
8. It’s a walk on water. Self explanatory.
9. It’s a great family and group activity. You can paddle with your family and friends for hours and have fun.
10. You get to meet great people. If you travel to various events or to various SUP spots you will surely meet pro athletes and people just like you who love SUP. And you will surely make new friends.

These are just a few reasons why SUP is growing each season. If you can think of any other reason why you love SUP and why this sport is so popular, please feel free to share your thoughts.