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YOGAqua Webisode Series with Sarah Tiefenthaler

YOGAqua promotes the practice of Yoga combined with the fun and joy of SUP Boarding. YOGAqua is operated by Sarah Tiefenthaler, Christine West and Katrina Goldberg, three ladies who have extensive experience in Yoga and SUP and would like to share that experience with the rest of the world. They hold lessons at Suplove Beach Club and other YOGAqua locations spread throughout beautiful southern California.

But the girls know that not everyone can join them and learn the benefits of an active lifestyle. That is why Sarah Tiefenthaler, the founder of YOGAqua, will share the YOGAqua experience with everyone in short webisodes. Through these webisodes, all SUP and Yoga enthusiasts will learn the basics of SUP Yoga and progress. They will also learn about the latest trends in the SUP Yoga discipline, including details about accessories, apparel and beauty supply.

Sarah is supported in her project by Suplove SUP and the Supconnect Production team. The webisodes will be broadcasted via Supconnect’s YouTube channel. Get a taste of the YogAqua experience in the clips features in the related videos section below.