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Zane Schweitzer Claims the 2015 Sapinus Pro Title

The Stand Up World Tour returned to Tahiti for the first time since 2012 and the Sapinus Pro gathered the best riders on earth for a fantastic challenge. All riders proved determined, but it was Zane Schweitzer who proved the best, in what was arguably the biggest win of his career. He was tuned in the whole event and managed to defeat Caio Vaz in the final.

World Champion Kai Lenny was bumped down to third overall, experiencing a shocker in Tahiti, losing in the opening rounds. Hawaii’s Mo Freitas and Australia’s Justin Holland rounded out the top 5.

In Tahiti, New Zealand’s Daniel Kereopa finished an equal third with Sean Poynter while Mo Freitas, Poenaiki Raioha, Bullet Obra and Justin Holland finished an equal fifth.

After winning the event, Zane stated: “To win this event really is a dream come true […] Tahiti has always been my favorite place to come for an event. But to have everything come together and have a solid roll of wins from start to finish was insane. I’m so grateful and blessed for all the support and good energy from all my friends and family here in Tahiti and the faith and support from my sponsors.”