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Zane Schweitzer Rides the Basque Country Waves

Zane Schweitzer has become one of the icons of SUP. Considered a great ambassador of the new sport of Stand-Up Paddling, Zane competes in some of the toughest and most prestigious challenges today and is a regular on the podiums.

He has also been featured in countless online articles and online Stand-Up Paddle magazines and has traveled the world exploring all sorts of places for thrilling SUP sessions. And this season Zane was quite busy, traveling the world to compete in the World Series and other events.

However, in between travels, he had the time to enjoy some great sessions in the beautiful Basque Country. And you can see what we are talking about in the clip below. The video is from two sessions that were just before flights in and out of Bilbao; one before a flight out of the Basque Country to Germany for the SUWS, and the other from just after a flight from Germany back to the Basque Country.

Check out Zane as he puts the 2014 7'1" x 24" Starboard InZane Pro Model to the test in some cool Basque waves.