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The Big Juice - Epic Tales of Big Wave Surfing

The Big Juice - Epic Tales of Big Wave Surfing is one of the books that share a new insight on big wave surfing. The book is written by John Long and Sam George and presents a short history of big wave surfing. There is no chronological organization of the chapters, just a random collection of tales regarding the big wave era.

The stories are well compiled and provide interesting information on the culture and characters of the big wave community. Amazing tales of wipeouts, addictions, spectacular moves and much more, featuring renowned surfing names like Parsons, Long or Goodwin will take your breath away and will make you want to grab your board and catch the next big wave.

But there’s more about the book. It also shares insight on the dangers that rise when riding a big wave. If you don’t know what dislocated limbs, Oxygen deprivation or nausea mean when you are pinned down by a giant wave, you have the chance to find this out from the world’s most gifted athletes.

The Big Juice - Epic Tales of Big Wave Surfing will show you exactly what big wave surf is about. If you have the chance, pick up this book. Even if you are not into surfing it is worth while reading some amazing surf stories and taking a glance at how the world’s greatest surfers live their lives.