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Cristóbal de Col Sets Guinness World Record for Most Tricks on a Single Wave

Cristóbal de Col, the 2011 ISA Junior World Champion, has recently set a Guinness World Record for doing the biggest amount of maneuvers in one single wave. This performance was achieved at the Red Bull Chicama Challenge in Chicama, Peru. Chicama, Peru is the perfect location for such an incredible record, since it is the home of longest waves on earth, waves that sometimes reach more than 2 kilometers in length.

Cristóbal de Col has started his journey on the wave with the intention of performing three 360's, but soon changed his mind, as carved turns fit better in this type of wave. He rode the wave for two minutes and twenty seconds, performing and unreal number of 34 cut-backs and setting the Guinness World Record.

At the end, he said: "All the while I was counting and my mind was only focused on that moment. When I reached 25, I really started to give it my all. I chose to do carved turns because it’s the maneuver that fits best to this type of inconsistent wave."

Check out Cristóbal’s amazing run in the related videos section below.