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Groundswell – The Reflections of Brett Davis

Groundswell is a new book on surfing, a book which covers the history of a major international surfing movement with roots based deep in the southern beachside suburb of Cronulla. The book reflects the personal reflections of Brett Davis, founder of Christian Surfers. Christian Surfers Australia is a religious based surf organization which exists to develop the sport of surfing in the country and promote Christian religion. Christian Surfers has grown into a movement that now gathers over 500 groups in 35 nations and over 1500 volunteer leaders.

Groundswell, the Christian Surfers story, provides a precise insight into the world of surf and faith including a surf chaplaincy story surrounding the death of former world champion surfer Andy Irons in 2010.

Brett Davis is proud to present this book to the people across the world and draw them towards surfing and Jesus. The book will be launched on the 19th of October in Sydney Australia.

A few words from Brett: “I was just 18 years old and brand new to this ‘Jesus’ bloke and all we knew was that we appreciated a new direction in life, we had concern for our surfing mates and wanted to make a difference. This is the story of ordinary surfers trusting God to do the extra ordinary....There are endless surfer accounts of faith, mishaps and fun times... Given the unimpeachable work of CS with surf chaplaincy, I find it unsurprising to see the respect that it enjoys at all levels of our sport. This book opens up the story behind this reputation.”