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O’Neill Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary

O’Neill, one of the leading brands in the industry of wetsuits, drysuits, sports clothing and accessories design and manufacturing, celebrates the Diamond Anniversary by launching the O'Neill Global Art & Innovation Tour, a global art tour, curated by Monster Children. The tour has started in Sydney this month and it will end at Santa Cruz, at the O’Neill Cold Water Classic. The tour gathers several stops across Asia, Africa, Europe and North America and showcases art work signed by Thomas Campbell, Geoff Mcfetridge, Tim Chapman, Liam Gerrard, Mark Penxa and many others, as well as a plethora of O’Neill memorabilia.

Some of the art works commissioned by them will be auctioned off at the final stop of the tour in Santa Cruz. The money will go to O'Neill Sea Odyssey, Japan Tsunami Appeal, Surf Aid, Protect Our Winters, Christchurch Earthquake Appeal and South Africa's Umthombo, in order to support their charity projects.

The first stop of the O'Neill Global Art & Innovation Tour was at Sidney and gathered more than 500 guests that were anxious to see the collection of art work, wetsuits and advertising wok and it was a success. The "aspiring artist" wall was one of the highlights of the event. It is part of the online competition which encourages regional artists submit artworks to be displayed alongside the commissioned ones.

As the first stop of the Global Art & Innovation Tour ends, the O’Neill artists prepare to head to Bali & Japan for the next stops.