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The Old, the Young & the Sea

The Old, the Young & the Sea is a movie about people who inhabit, visit, surf and protect the European shores. The European shores are called European Leg or the European Classic Surf Route and offer thousands of kilometers of potential for the wave every surfer out there seeks for. Hossegor, Mundaka, Pantin or Ericeira are just a few of the spots famous for their surfing potential.

The movie centers on a team of cinematographers, photographers and storytellers who travel on a 16 week journey along the European surf coast in two old VW buses, from Hossegor to Ericeira and dive into the microcosms of communities, cultures and nature of each region.

The movie presents every aspect of this journey, as the movie team says: “the good, the bad and the ugly: crowded beaches commercialization of surfing culture, pollution of land and water, urban sprawl.” The movie also portrays the lifestyle along the coast, in all its diversity.

The Old, the Young & the Sea premiere will take place in 2013, but until then you can check the movie trailer in the related videos section below.