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Surfing NSW and NSW Academy of Gymnastics Team Up

Competitive surfing has grown into a very stylish discipline over the last seasons. Winning an important surfing event requires a lot of training and determination, as well as skills and talent. That is why Surfing NSW and the NSW Academy of Gymnastics have teamed up in an effort to take surf coaching to a new level. This partnership will provide new training programs for the development of young surfers, as part of the Surfing NSW Performance Camp.

The coaches train the juniors both mentally and physically. They show them how to implement the gymnastics component into their surfing technique and develop amazing aerial skills. The development of future champs is significantly boosted by combining gymnastics with surfing and using video analysis software. 

Blake Johnson of the SNSW elite coaching team says: “I work with a lot of these young kids on strategies and the competition elements of surfing on a regular basis, but it was great to be involved from a different perspective.

The rise in aerial surfing is equally if not more important in competition today, a good air, a cut back – you can’t be dominant in just one thing. Being comfortable in the air before you get in the water will give these kids great confidence in the waves. […]They loved the gymnastics component, it is so relevant to use this type of cross training – the more time in the air and being in control in the air, the more confidence and skills you will gain.”