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Surfism: The Fluid Foundation of Consciousness

Surfism: The Fluid Foundation of Consciousness is a special book about surfing, written by Dan Webber, a dedicated surfer, a surfing intellectual and a member of Webber Surfboards. This is not the usual surfing book which describes techniques or presents big wave adventures, but rather a book dedicated to the Existential Surfer, who needs to understand the essence of surfing, who wants to sharpen his vocabulary and needs to perceive surfing like a sequence of unique moments.

In his book, Dan Webber shares a different perspective on surfing and through a series of metaphors he lays a pattern which allows the surfer to get in touch with his inner self and take surfing to another dimension.

The book explores concepts like thinking at the surf break as the culture in which the individual psyche develops, thinking at waves as carrying memories, considering language riding the mind like a surfboard riding a wave and many others.

Dan Writes in his book: "Since the response of the surfboard is derived simultaneously from the shape of the wave and the shape of the surfboard, their interaction represents a spatio-temporal continuum; the surfboard inducing spatial relations and the wave temporal relations."

The book is extremely deep and explains that the greatest surfer is the one that can evolve mentally with the wave. This is surely a book that it is worth reading by all surfing enthusiasts and not only. To get your copy of the book, please visit the Surfism website.