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Surfrider Foundation Europe Calls for Ocean Initiatives

Surfrider Foundation Europe, a nonprofit organization which aims to defend, save and improve the ocean and coastline so it can better benefit the people, will organize the Ocean Initiatives between the 22nd and 25th of March 2012. The Initiatives represent a fight against aquatic waste and especially against plastic waste which represents almost 70% of total waste.

Surfrider Foundation Europe’s Initiatives are part of the Rise above Plastics campaign launched by Surfrider US. The campaign is intended to reduce the impact of plastic waste on marine environment and raise awareness on the dangers of plastic pollution.

Surfrider Foundation Europe tries to mobilize citizens and public authorities in an effort to take action against the dangers of aquatic waste. All the people who love the marine environment are welcomed to take part in the Ocean Initiatives and help put a stop to the disease of aquatic waste.

Surfrider Foundation Europe will coordinate the entire operation and will provide logistical support to each volunteer and report on the event. To find out more about the Ocean Initiatives please visit the Surfrider Foundation Europe website or the site. You can make the Planet a better place for all of us.