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Team Australia Wins ISA China Cup for Second Consecutive Year

Team Australia is proud to win the ISA China Cup in 2013 for the second consecutive year. Australia lined up powerful teams in the Men’s and Women’s divisions for the ISA China Cup taking place in Wanning, Hainan Island. Brazil placed a close second, earning the Silver Medal, Hawaii won the Bronze Medal, and France took the Copper Medal.

The competition was awesome. In an action-packed heat, Brazil’s Michael Rodrigues won the Men’s Gold scoring the event’s highest heat total of 17.00 points. Rodrigues defeated Mitch Crews (AUS, 14.64), Vincent Duvignac (FRA, 12.43), and Connor O’Leary (AUS, 9.10).

In the women’s final, Australia’s Phillipa Anderson won after Hawaii’s Alessa Quizon was in the lead with the clock winding down and Gold in her sight, but dropped in on her fellow surfer and was called for interference.

ISA China Cup Results:

Women’s Final
Gold- Philippa Anderson (AUS)- 15.26
Silver- Alessa Quizon (HAW)- 12.56
Bronze- Nikki Van Dijk (AUS)- 8.53
Copper- Nage Melamed (HAW)- 6.40

Men’s Final
Gold- Michael Rodrigues (BRA)- 17.00
Silver- Mitch Crews (AUS)- 14.64
Bronze- Vincent Duvignac (FRA)- 12.43
Copper- Connor O’Leary (AUS)- 9.10

Final ISA China Cup Team Rankings
1. Australia- 13,000
2. Brazil- 11,718
3. Hawaii- 10,140
4. France- 9,836
5. Japan- 9,320
6. USA- 8,570
7. Peru- 8,270
8. Portugal- 8,242