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Camille Delannoy

Heaven by the Sun Starring Camille Delannoy
If you’re going to watch one video today… you better make sure it’s THIS one! 19-year-old Camille Delannoy’s strapless action from Prea, Brazil is guaranteed to keep you entertained! Enjoy!
Stay Young by Manera
Episode 6 of Manera’s Stay Salty series presents Camille Delannoy, a young rider with great talent and awesome potential. Camille is a chilled guy on land that turns into a restless kid once on the water. No matter the conditions he is destroy...
Camille Delannoy Follows the Steps of Mitu Monteiro
F-One team rider Camille Delannoy is passionate about wave and strapless riding. The French rider is so talented that is often considered the ‘next’ Mitu Monteiro. MItu is one of the greatest wave riders ever, so the young Camille has a l...
French Prodigy Camille Delannoy Joins F-One & Manera
F-One and Manera officials are plaesed to announce that Camille Delannoy has joined their international team. Camille is a young French rider of 17 years old and lucky enough to spend 8 months a year in Brazil plus another 4 up in the mountains in F...