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Catching Waves with the Giant SUP
Exciting team building activity that will certainly stretch your team's comfort zone! Giant Stand up Paddling on the ocean is tougher than it looks! Quite an experience. Check it out and enjoy!
Catching Waves with Delphine Macaire
Delphine Macaire is more than France’s 2017 national champion of standup paddle surfing. She’s more than a professional kiteboarder and sailor. Macaire is France’s archetype of female SUP surfing and as you see here, she’s no...
Catching Trade Winds with the North Crew
While we were waiting for the fourth season of the North Kiteboarding TV, we saw that the guys at North have just released a new clip. It is called Catching Trade winds and it is really fun and packed with action. It is shot in the Caribbean and it f...
Catching Some Fun Waves with Keahi de Aboitiz
Keahi de Aboitiz is part of the new generation of watermen, guys ready to throw themselves into any adventure that takes place on water. The Australian loves kiteboarding and SUP and masters both water sports discipline with style. Hailing from Noos...