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Lightweight, comfortable

Axon Maya 2010

Axon Maya 2010

Reviewed on Feb 24th 2011 by pinkdarling
User Rating:
5.0 out of 5

I weigh some 60 kilos and I’m 1.7m tall. I am not that strong so I love the fact that this board is incredibly lightweight. The board planes easily, gives me the right amount of pop when I need it, and it is very comfortable. The gel packs embedded in the pad are a nice touch.

Now I hate it when people say that girls aren’t as strong, or as big, or as whatever as men are. We can do anything men can. Sometimes it’s nice to see someone put in the time and thought to come up with a product that we as women can use effortlessly. Having to use boards that are meant for men is so frustrating.

And I think the multicolored dots are a nice touch. Makes the board stand out.